Middle School Program

Our Middle School Program is full of energy and faith.  We ask that youth either be in the program or with their parents during the conference in order to protect our youth and the facilities.

Clarissa Gantt

 Hi, I’m Clarissa! I’m a graduating senior from high school, I have a deep love for mission and spreading the joy of Christ to those around me. I love working with kids and spend my time working in daycares and nannying! In my free time I love spending time with my family and friends. I also love doing mission work! This is my fourth year helping out with the middle school program and I’m so excited! 

Jacob Seiwert

Jacob Seiwert has grown up by the Cheney, Kansas area. He is passionate about the IT/Networking industry which he works in. Jacob was homeschooled and graduated with Honors. He finds joy in his hobbies, particularly flying drones and tinkering with electronics. He is actively engaged in the Catholic community through his works at church, helping teens deepen their love for the faith in small groups, and helping with the Midwest Family Conference the past few years. Guided by the belief that God has a plan for everyone, Jacob approaches both his personal and professional life with a sense of purpose and dedication. With a blend of technical expertise and a deep-rooted faith, Jacob continues to make a positive impact in both his professional field and his community.